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Basiru Suso offers workshops and classes which are always especially designed according to each age group. Humor, fantasy, games and creativity are integral elements.

For schools and institutions 2 different workshops are offered to primary and intermediate grades.

1. workshop for 0-5 grades

A playful, interactive workshop where children are drawn to actively take part in African fairy tales. Through rhythmical African instruments like the zylophone and percussion and the kora, everyone can become involved.

2. workshop for 5 grades and over

Basiru Suso can teach alone or in cooperation with other teachers and music teachers. He brings a bag full of instruments and materials that everyone can try. Both Basirus own compositions and improvisations and traditional West African materials are used in this workshop.

Basiru Suso - Yrsavej 4, 2 tv - 5200 Odense V - Denmark - tel. 0045 31779577 - email: basiru1@ofir.dk